2012’s Best Halloween Online Gadgets and Costume Ideas

Whether you’re planning to celebrate it with a night out on the town dressed in your dastardliest glad rags or are simply having a few fillies over for a personal spook-tacular party, it’s vital to look the best this scary season. But while you’ve got to look authentic, you should also aim to be current – after all, who wants to see another Hannibal Lector this Halloween? And dressing up as Heath Ledger’s Joker is so 2008. So what are 2012’s best Halloween outfits? Where can we buy gadgets online to complement the look?

Gangham-style man

Ah, the internet meme. Once the prized possession of a giggling nerd dressed in a sweaty stained vest, it’s fair to say that Youtube viral sensations are now very mainstream, with millions of views across the world. And, you remember how envious you were of that berk who dressed up as keyboard cat in 2008? Or how cool that girl looked as the O RLY? Owl? Well, this is your time to shine. By adorning yourself with a ‘Gangnam style’ outfit (and of course learning the dance), you’ll be the hippest boy (or girl) at the disco. In a way

There’s no doubt that The Dark Knight Rises was the biggest cinema event of 2012. And the star of the film was undoubtedly the super-villain Bane, a muscle-strewn monster with a big black mask over his mouth that means he can only communicate through a mechanic voice. There’s sure to be a gadget you can buy online that can perhaps replicate the voice, and the mask will be simple to assemble. The muscles however, may be harder to create.

Chino man

You’ve doubtless been as appalled by me as the rise of the chino during 2012. Nowadays, it’s impossible to walk down any high street in provincial Britain without being inundated by a cacophony of trousers representing all colours under the sun. So, why not go one step further than the young, handsome fashionistas with their whole lives ahead of them by dressing completely in chinos?

Wenlock and Mandeville

Although the London Paralympics and Olympics were undoubtedly the highlight of the year in the country, there was one aspect of the sporting supershow that gave me the heebiegeebies – Wenlock and Mandeville, the event’s very creepy mascots. And while it’s fair to say that creating their costume will take more than a few minute’s preparation, and you may need to buy gadgets online to really get that look, but you’ll doubtless be the best dressed in show.