5 Unusual Ways to Get Rich Online WITHOUT Gimmicks, Gadgets or Gurus (Starting Right Now)

The big myth in the online marketing industry is that you have to be a guru to get ahead. Or, even more common, and more erroneous… that you need to find SHORTCUTS to get ahead, rather than learning simple systems that work in ANY culture, country or economy.

The truth is, you don’t need me to tell you that most of the “get rich online” gimmicks don’t work. They don’t work because they DISCOUNT one super simple idea.

That real success is a byproduct of building something. Of doing something innovative, inspiring and indulging your PASSION as much as profit. In my view, the absolute EASIEST way to earn a great income online is to create things of value, and then build a business around serving a community who appreciates what you’ve built, and has a real continuous craving for MORE.

Let’s look at 5 super simple things that anyone can do right NOW, whether you want to teach others, or CREATE yourself, you can do MOST of the above on a shoestring budget and you can prove it to yourself today.

1 – Hyper Local Business Consulting – Still the #1 opportunity in the online universe… and one that perplexingly, so FEW people ever pursue. (trust me, it’s FAR easier to sell your services to a local professional who needs them, rather than selling an eBook to a stranger who doesn’t)

2 – Social Media Management – Again, an offshoot of the above, but a big business in of itself as well. Facebook page promotion (and creation) is a killer business that is predicted to grow exponentially as it becomes more critical… and nothing stops you from crushing it in YOUR market, starting right now.

3 – Buying and Selling Virtual Real Estate – There are very few places left in the world where you can buy an asset for 10 bucks in the morning, do 3 hours worth of work, and sell it for $300 or MORE 12 hours later. This is one of the easiest ways to earn easy money online and if you position it properly, you can use it to grow a big service oriented business behind it.

4 – Online Lead Generation – One of the lesser known, but super profitable businesses you can literally launch on Craigslist or free classified sites if you want, and be selling leads to high end professionals in 7 days or less. (for a commission in some industries, or for a flat fee in others, depending on the rules, regulations and your ability to negotiate a good deal)

5 – Creating a “Curriculum” and Teaching and Preaching it To a Community who Craves It – This is the online mentoring marketing method and is the one favored by the gurus and self professed experts. What many don’t realize it that you can do this 100% legitimately and ethically, simply by creating content around something you LOVE, and then seeking out a community who shares your passion, but NOT your expertise.

Of course there are MANY more. The real secret is, you DON’T need them all.

You only need one.

One single point of ferocious focus and intense inspiration.

(The rest of the noise and the nonsense… you’ll discover, once you are DOING what you love… was always a dangerous distraction!)