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What You Need to Know about Having a Trophy Engraved with your Logo.

If you are having an awarding event or sponsoring an event in your area, you need to have your logo engraved on a trophy. Engraving a trophy is a great way of getting personal in a professional way. You have an opportunity of doing things outside your scope. It is an excellent way of letting the community know more about your brand. This allows you to reach customers that are not in your target market. It is no easy task having a logo engraved on a trophy. Below are some of the things you should consider before placing your logo engraving order.

The resolution of a logo is very important in this process. It is important to understand that what works for brochures and other printable material does not have to work on a trophy. Contact the company and get them to advice on the best format to have your logo in. Having a log in high resolution will give you desirable results. Make sure the logo you present is in vector file. They remain sharp and smooth regardless of the manipulations made. You can also have the file in PDF is that is what you want. It is important to send a file that cannot be easily distorted even after manipulation to fit into the trophy.

It is important to consider the color of your company’s log once you have the right resolution. Having a logo that has many colors does not give suitable results. An engraving machine is not able to pick colors and only works with black. This should not present a challenge because it is not advisable to have many colors if you want a professionally looking logo.

Request to have proof of the final product. This allows you the chance of getting an idea of what to expect in the final product. Doing this enables you made necessary changes to the logo and helps you save time and money. This ensures that you get to take part in the process ensuring that you get what you require.

Getting a trophy engraved for the first time can be challenging if you are not well prepared. However, doing the things listed above will help you make the right choices and make it easier for you to have a trophy engraved. Ensure that you have back and white and vector files ready to make it easier for you. This allows you the chance of being able to provide required material when asked for. It will also help you avoid the last minute rush of getting files that are suitable.