Tumblr claims being gay is bigotry

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Every homophobe is not hiding in the closet. Like what exactly are you hoping to accomplish here? Here it is anyway, sweet thing. As a serious side note, I never said that they were oppressed. I said that they suffered hate. I really don't know how to start this, but first of all I would like to thank you for the help you provide to the community.
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anti bigotry

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Take me as the moon burns

Another time of an evangelical religion forcing itself into secular government with horrible motives. They want a world wide theocracy. These religious people see the world as a war between religions and they are the warriors for their god. There is no compromise with them. The have made destroying any non-white non-religious state and the social rights of anyone not of their religion , their male gender, and their skin color. Right now they are using the poorer countries in Africa to get their social ideas into the laws, but they do not see POC as equals.
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This action is one of many protests happening all over the world in solidarity with the progressive movements of Bolivia. Nazi US imperialism supporting fascists overtaking South American countries… a problem that could be solved by a few tons of napalm thrown at the White House and Pentagon. I myself am a trans lesbian and those who know me will know my stance on this issue. Nevertheless, if you happen not to know, here it is, coming straight from a trans woman.
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He and I have always been associates, but I never considered him a friend. I regret not speaking up earlier! In art class, we had our very own group. There were only three black kids—including me— in our table, the other kids were hispanic.

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